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George YorbaHello I'm George Yorba,  

 I have worked physical outside work enduring countless hours full of challenges and adversity with unfriendly and unreasonable people. 

 I know the struggles of men; the weight we can carry on our shoulders and our hearts as we try our best to live pleasing productive lives. We all seem to try to do this on our own. God never meant for us to do so. He is waiting for you to ask for help. He is waiting because He wants to help you be the man He created you to be; humble, strong, and manly. Humble before our creator. Strong with the strength that comes from God. Manly taking our rightful role in our family, community, and nation. My role is to help. Walk along side to talk to, pray with, give straight forward Godly advice. No Bull, just Straight Talk.

 Many men wonder how do I become the man God wants me to be? The Bible has the answers. We want to help strengthen, encourage, and equip men. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says; "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work."

Let me know how I can help.

Lessons From the Round Corral



I want you to know about CaveTime, it is a great book that will strengthen and encourage you. Here's the link, www.cavetime.org I have personally met and spent some time with the author Jeff Voth. Jeff is the real deal, he speaks to us men on a level we can all relate to. God desires us to come to the cave(a quiet place to meet with Him and other men)and be transformed. I have personally given away over 100 of these books to men and it has made a huge impact in their lives. I also meet with a couple of guys once a week to have CaveTime. Its a great time of fellowship, prayer and praise.


A Great Ministry You Should Know About

You should all know about a awesome mens ministry coming out of the book series "Lion Of War" written by Cliff Graham. The ministry is called Know The Covering, you can check it out at www.knowthecovering.comThey have made what is called a "Battle Book" that can be used with the first book of the series "Day Of War". I personally think its a great book on its own, but does references "Day Of War" throughout. I like this kind of book, it is like a field manual for life, with the information coming straight out of God's Word, isn't that what we all need? The men who wrote this book know we all have a valiant warrior within and in their words they want us to discover the power and presence of Yahweh, through fierce dependency on God. I have met a number of the men in the Know The Covering camp and they have a heart for God and men. The third book in the series is already out so you best get reading. Look for the movie series to be coming to theaters in the near future.

Recently Mike Altstiel the director of Know The Covering ministries started a Bible study here in Rapid City, SD. Men in the area are invited to join this study on Tuesday evenings, 7pm, at Parkview E-Free Church.
You just jump in where they are, as often as you want. It will be great and I plan on attending as often as possible. Don't hesitate, you will be warmly welcomed to join in and if you haven't already, come to know the covering only God can provide. 


People Who Stand For Faith, Family, And Freedom

I continue to hear people say "there is no one who stands up for what is right anymore". I would have to disagree with that statement wholeheartedly! They are my good friends over at the Family Heritage Alliance. Dale Bartscher is the executive director and a warrior for the cause of Christ. I think very highly of Dale and the whole crew over at FHA as they are making a difference on so many fronts. They get high marks with me because of the God honoring way they operate. Dale rallies people and pastors around the state and beyond to get informed and engaged in the battle to make this country great again. Who doesn't want our country great again? Learn about them by visiting their web site at

www.familyheritagealliance.org and don't forget to sign up for their e-news letter. I hope you will join the Family Heritage Alliance in standing for our Faith, our Families, and our Freedom.